Right-Wing Civility Strikes Again

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Linda Ronstadt was thrown off the stage of the Aladdin Theater by Aladdin President Bill Timmons when she dared to dedicate a song to Michael Moore.

Timmins, who was among the almost 5,000 fans in the audience at the Aladdin Theatre for the Performing Arts, had Ronstadt escorted to her tour bus and her belongings from her hotel room sent to her. Timmins also sent word to Ronstadt that she was no longer welcome at the property for future performances, according Aladdin spokeswoman Tyri Squyres.

Near the close of her performance, Ronstadt dedicated the Eagles hit “Desperado” to Moore, producer of “Fahrenheit 9/11,” and the room erupted into equal parts boos and cheers.She said Moore “is someone who cares about this country deeply and is trying to help.”

Hundreds of angry fans streamed from the theater as Ronstadt sang. Some of them reportedly defaced posters of her in the lobby, writing comments and tossing drinks on her pictures.Timmins told Las Vegas Sun gossip columnist Timothy McDarrah: “We live in a city where people come from all over the world to be entertained. We hired Ms. Ronstadt as an entertainer, not as a political activist.

“Whether you are politically on the left or on the right is not the point. She went up in front of the stage and just let it out. This was not the correct forum for that.”

Gutsy call, Bill.

Timmons’ explanation is as rank as his action. Tell me that if Wayne Newton dedicated a song to George W, Timmons would throw him off the stage and banish him forever for being ‘political’. Bullshit. It’s all political. Timmons is a Bush supporter who hates Moore and Moore’s film so he exercised his power to enforce his political views and then, with standard right-wing hypocrisy, blamed Ronstadt for being political.

It’s the Dixie Chicks all over again, and it stinks.

(Thanks to Thrasher at BlogCritics)

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