Omnium Interviewed!

Yes, we said it and we meant it. We were interviewed! We feel like we have arrived. We feel like celebrities. We feel plural.

Jamison of BiteSoundBite is interested in bloggers and why they do this (I told him it was ego but he’s looking for a more complicated answer) so he’s decided to interview a blogger-a-week until he can at least answer the question without rolling his eyes and gagging. For some warped reason probably best kept to himself, he decided to start with us. We could have told him he was wasting his time but we didn’t want to spoil the fun. And we never have been able to resist talking about ourselfs. So we did it.

Jamison asked some excellent questions, we have to give him that, which we then expounded on at inexcusable length with marginal coherence and an almost impossibly complete absence of chromosomal integrity. Among other things, he asked about blogging itself–

BSB: Do you have many unfinished drafts that just sit on blogger unpublished, or do you pretty much hit the “send” button for everything you write?Mick: …I’ve read that other bloggers do drafts and I guess it’s a good thing but I don’t see the point. By the time you get back to it somebody else has already said it, probably better than you did, and everybody else has moved on. Blogging moves as fast as the news, for better or worse–and, like marriage, it’s both. As David Neiwert said, one of the great strengths of blogs is their ability to jump on an issue, spread it around, correct mis-statements or lies almost as soon as they’re told, and track the tale as it makes the rounds. They’re less successful at long, thoughtful, magazine-style essays.

–familial relationships–

BSB: Do you tell your friends and family about your blog?Mick: …[M]y friends tend not to be as politically radical as I am. This is a conservative part of MA. I didn’t used to worry about spouting off now and then and neither did they, but Bush’s quasi-election polarized people here just like it did everywhere else and politics got to be a dangerous subject….In the interest of keeping them as friends, I agreed to keep politics out of the discussion. Actually, given everything that’s happened, I may need to test them again; their attitudes may be changing.

–the ‘larger purpose of blogs’–

BSB: You…[call] attention to other bloggers that you enjoy…. [I]s there a larger purpose to this?Mick: …I’m not really sure yet…I’m in the process of figuring it out…

–and our almost pathological distaste for Tom DeLay and Grover Norquist.

BSB: …You’ve called Tom DeLay a cockroach and Grover Norquist a toad. Why these two in particular and not, say Bush, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz or a host of others?Mick: …They are both pompous, arrogant, primordially self-centered, elitist ambulance-chasers who have shamelessly crow-barred their way to power using nothing but extortion, bribery, threats, and blackmail. They don’t have a single redeeming quality or selfless act between them, and either of them would call down a nuclear holocaust if they thought it would advance them one small step personally. They recognize no limitations or restrictions on either their monumental greed or their slimy, inhuman, criminal tactics. ‘Might Makes Right’ is their Golden Rule. They’re miniature Hitlers–and I mean that literally, not figuratively: at root, they are autocratic, dictatorial types who would ‘cleanse’ the earth of their enemies, real and imagined, by whatever means necessary, given half a chance. Delay would have run a crematorium without a qualm; Norquist would have planted himself in the central warehouse to weigh and count the gold teeth shipped from the ovens and been proud of his work even as he stole half of everything that came in and put it in a numbered Swiss bank account….Maybe DeLay is nice to his family, but I doubt it. Maybe Norquist gave a homeless man on the street a quarter once, but I’d want to see the videotape….Does that answer your question?

In short, we covered a lot of ground, mostly with mud and string cheese, and brought terminal opacity to an otherwise crystalline topic. We were brilliant.

Jamison was good, too.

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