LitBlogs Is Born

As you know, I’ve been quite taken lately by the blogs I’ve run across that use a blogging format as a creative device. So taken, in fact, that after a night of flowing wine and an excess of hubris, I decided to start yet another blog, this one devoted to pure literary creativity in the blogosphere. I call it LitBlogs, and from time to time I’ll be posting reviews and/or descriptions of new finds there as well as short precis of new updates to old favorites.

For those of you who think I’ve completely lost my mind, here’s the rationale: I’m doing what I would be doing anyway, I’m just putting it all together in a single convenient place, posting there what I would have posted here. It’s not really extra work, just a shifting of focus. (How was that? Convincing, huh?)

The first three posts are edited and enlarged versions of posts first published here, so you can skip them without feeling like you may have missed something. From now on, though, all the posts on these litblogs will go there. I expect a once-a-week check of it will be plenty, probably on Monday or Tuesday. The next one will be the review of Fafblog! that I never got around to, probably today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you know of any imaginative blogs that might fit the LitBlog criteria, please pass them along to me by clicking the Russian postman on the sidebar (this will bring up your mail client’s composer with my email address already in the “To:” bar; this has caused some confusion, apparently, but it was an attempt to make communication easier, not harder. For those of you who prefer to copy-and-paste, the actual address will be added shortly). I am particularly on the prowl for poetry and short-short sites, humor sites, and really good journal sites, which means sites where the entries are well-written essays rather than tossed-off personal news-and-views (think of Maine Line as a template example). No politics or current events, please; everything else is fair game. I’m looking for sites entirely devoted to creatively re-imagining the blog format, not individual posts on an otherwise normal site. I may get around to that later, but right now I want to concentrate on the macro rather than the micro. Thanks.

With summer here and the political season heating up–the Democratic Convention, at least, is right around the corner–the need for release from oppressing news is greater than at any other time of the year. I think once we get going, we’ll be able to find something different and entertaining for everyone’s summer blogging needs while at the same time giving some welcome encouragement to a brand-new development in blogging. And have some fun while we’re at it.

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