Tenet’s Little Joke

This is funny coming from the man who buckled at the knees every time Bush said ‘Boo!’

WASHINGTON — At a time when U.S. intelligence failures have prompted calls for sweeping reform, outgoing CIA Director George J. Tenet on Thursday delivered a farewell address to agency employees, urging them to resist unnecessary or unwanted changes.”If people want to take us back in the wrong direction, then it is your voices that must be raised to say, ‘We know better and we will not stand for it,’ ” said Tenet, who is scheduled to step down in a few days. “This institution is your own. We who serve as your leaders are stewards for limited periods of time.”

He left his people hanging in the wind when Cheney attacked them and again later when the Veep appropriated their role as intelligence gatherers and analysts, handing it to Doug Feith, who knows as much about intelligence as I know about pig farming. He said nothing when the BA trumpeted intelligence he knew was false or when they justified a war by relying on a document he knew–and had already told them once–was a forgery.

This is a classic case of ‘Do as I say, not as I do’, and he hasn’t earned the right to say it, even. I’d be glad to see him go except that his replacement is bound to be even worse.

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