Blogging Comes of Age

WaPo reports that the Democrats are going to allow some bloggers to cover their convention.

More than 15,000 people will converge on Boston later this month to cover the Democratic National Convention — including, for the first time, bloggers.The Democratic Party plans to give media credentials to a select group of bloggers who want to cover the event, where Sen. John F. Kerry (Mass.) is expected to accept his party’s presidential nomination. The group has not announced which bloggers might get the passes, but that information will come in the “next few weeks,” an event spokeswoman said. The convention begins July 26.

But officials said whoever gets credentials will have the same opportunities to cover the four-day event that journalists enjoy. “We want to treat them just the same as other reporters,” said Mike Liddell, the convention’s director of online communications. “We’re even planning to do a breakfast for them the first day of the convention.”

A Blogger Breakfast! We’ve hit the Big Time, gang.

Of course, they’ll be picking who gets to go. The Pubs will invite Reynolds, Sully, Mickey Kaus, and the Corner’s Kool Kids, and the Dems will invite Atrios for sure, and probably kos. Josh Marshall will be covering it for the Washington Monthly presumably, but Kevin Drum is a good guess. So is Patrick Neilson Hayden. There are a lot of good ones from the upper tier to choose from, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Now here’s the bigger question: Will gadfly bloggers like Atrios and kos get sucked into the mainstream media game and become no better than the people they’ve been criticizing? Or will they maintain their standards and refuse to fall for the ‘Blogger Breakfast’ crap?

By the spirit of IF Stone, I hope it’s the latter.

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