Making a Difference

FITE Newsletter #30

Re: Self described Libertarian talk show host Jay Severin of FM 96.9 talk radio is your typical talk show host, always stirring controversy around such cultural issues as gay marriage, “liberal” media, and big government. He’s not the type of person you would think of as speaking out against the super rich. Yet he is quite willing to do so if callers bring up the subject.

When 3 callers from FITE confronted the other day on the issue of how the super rich own and run Washington, he didn’t exactly object. These are the folks, one FITERs said, who “earn in one DAY what the average American earns in a whole YEAR,” and they own and control Washington. They spoke of outsized tax breaks they bought with their wealth influence and how CEOs loot company treasuries. They suggested that we should simply “tax the poop out of them” to cut them down to size. His answer: “If it’s true what you say, you are right.”

He offered free of charge to send one of the callers a book, “Complete the American Revolution!” by Albert Piacente who he claims as a friend. “He writes exactly about what you are talking about.” Jay said he agrees with “most of what he says.” Piacente targets the super rich, calling for reinstatement of a stiff inheritance tax on them; he also accuses them of being at the bottom of most of this country’s problems.

Surprised at first, we eventually realized that Jay’s embrace of these issues makes sense. Americans from both the left and the right have always been against the absolute power conferred by the enormous wealth of the richest .1%. That is precisely why the wealthy right wing has sponsored over the last 20 years a media campaign focused only on the divisive cultural issues like gay marriage, prayer in the schools, etc. These issues have been consciously designed by the right wing to divert attention away from the real problem – that the country is owned and operated in the interests of the super rich, and against the interests of everyone else.


It was no accident that three FITErs made consecutive calls exposing the super rich. We are orchestrating a campaign of calls to conservative talk show hosts across the country to expose the embezzlement schemes of the super rich that we document in this newsletter. We are developing ways to get our message through, and they are working.

We call with carefully prepared scripts that document that the super rich now own and operate this country. Contrary to the common stereotype, there’s no screaming and yelling. We are calmly and precisely broadcasting the message, and we will soon be orchestrating a similar campaign on a national level.

Want to make a difference? Jay’s program reaches 80% of the population of a swing state, New Hampshire. Calls that target the shenanigans of the super rich will automatically accrue to the President who specializes in cozying up to what he affectionately calls the “have mores.”

The advantage to this strategy is that it need not stop after the election when everyone waits to see what the new president will do. We know because both candidates refuse to talk about the frauds, embezzlements, and contempt of our country’s laws by the super rich. No matter what happens election day, we have to keep the pressure up.

We will provide a training manual, scripts, and connect you with others doing in our campaign who can give you support and encouragement to make calls. We will travel anywhere in eastern MA to get you started. We have recordings of several of the calls to show how easy and effective they can be.

Charles Palson

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