Like Father Like Son:Selling Out the Kurds

As pressure for Kurdish independence builds, Junior is in Turkey making nice with PM Erdogan.

A senior American official, who briefed reporters on condition of anonymity, said, “These meetings today made clear that whatever the differences U.S. and Turkish governments had over Iraq, from this point forward — and both the Turkish president and the Turkish prime minister in their meetings made this clear — from this moment forward, Turkey sees its interests and the American interests in Iraq as parallel and consistent.”

The article concentrates on the old news of the Turkish Parliament’s refusal to allow US planes to bomb Iraq from Turkish soil or US troops to use Turkey as a staging area for the invasion (that oh so diplomatic fellow, Paul Wolfowitz, demanded that the PM apologize for Parliament’s decision; Erdogan declined the invitation), but the only current interest Turkey has in Iraq is the Kurdish resistance which they see as a threat to their claims on the region.

It is possible, of course (this is, after all, Junior, not a competent international diplomatist), that Erdogan and Bush never discussed the Kurds. It is also possible that I am in a position to assure you of a seat on the next flight to San Bernadino via my personal jet-pack transport plane, the Fruitless Shrub. Anything is possible.

Aligning US and Turkish interests at this ticklish point could mean only one thing, realistically: Junior is following in Daddy’s footsteps and selling Kurdish independence out in order to strengthen US oil interests just like Poppy did. This is going to make the handover really…interesting.

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