Resource Papers

Kathy at Random Thoughts has resource section she calls ‘Torture Inc.’ with links to a lot of the basic documents and pivotal reporting on Abu Ghraib, including photos and videos, the chain of command, Seymour Hersh articles, the Gonzales memo, and a bunch more.

She has just added a raft of new documents.

2002 02/02 State Dept Memo to White House: This is a memo from the State Department’s legal advisor, William Taft, to the White House counsel, Alberto Gonzalez. Taft warns that rejecting the applicability of the Geneva Conventions creates several problems, including the elimination of protection for our troops in the event that they are captures….2002 02/07 Directive from Bush on Detainee Treatment: Memo stating that new war on terrorism requires new thinking in the law of war, but thinking that should be consistent with the principles of the Geneva Conventions. The directive states that Bush accepts the DOJ conclusion that the Geneva Conventions don’t apply to al Qaeda, that he has the constitutional authority to suspend the Conventions in reference to the Taliban but declines to do so at this time, and that nevertheless the Conventions don’t apply to the Taliban because per the DOJ and DOD they are illegal combatants….

2002 12/02 DOD Memo on Afghanistan Detainees: In reference to Gitmo Bay detainees. A memo from DOD general counsel William Haynes to Rumsfeld on “counter-resistance techniques”….

What she’s done is provide a major ‘repository’ where critical information on the torture at AG and the investigations that followed can live in the same place so you don’t have to go chasing all over the net to find stuff. As the trials get closer and the trails lead further up the chain of command, this is going to be the place to go to keep it all straight.

Check it out, then bookmark it–you’re going to need it.

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