SC Secession?

According to the AJC, 12,000 fundamentalist Christian theocrats are moving to South Carolina with the apparent intention of forcing it to secede from the Union if it doesn’t quit being so damn librul.

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Cory Burnell may be fighting a cause as lost as the Civil War.

But the 28-year-old Tyler, Texas, math teacher and businessman is serious about moving to South Carolina with 12,000 other Christians.

Though he has never been there, he plans to reshape the South Carolina General Assembly to make the state a Christian domain. And if the federal government does not stop imposing what he considers its liberal will, he wants South Carolina to secede.

“We’re not talking about a takeover,” Burnell said. “We’re talking about reinforcements.”

Uh-huh. You know, most of the radcon crackpots want to return the country to the Robber Baron era at the end of the 19th century before the income tax was instituted, but fundamentalist Christian theocrat-crackpots want to shove us back even further than that–they want to re-play the Civil War. What’s next? Replacing cars with covered wagons? Petitioning Queen Elizabeth to reverse the American Revolution?

Is there no bottom to this silliness?

3 responses to “SC Secession?

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  2. As a native South Carolinian I say it sounds like a wonderful idea that I fully endorse! We”re very traditional, Christian people generally and the Exodus folks should fit right in. And the fact that they want to help liberate us from 150 years of Federal occupation is fantastic! Welcome to our long struggle for self-determination.

  3. That so? Been three years, how’s it workin’ out for yah?

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