Texas Democrat Nails DeLay

Democratic Texas Representative Chris Bell filed a 187-page complaint to the House Ethics Committee charging Majority Leader Tom DeLay with major crimes.

WASHINGTON, June 15 – A seven-year-old unofficial truce discouraging House members from filing ethics complaints against one another disintegrated Tuesday when a freshman Democrat accused one of the most powerful members of Congress, the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, of “bribery, extortion, fraud, money laundering and the abuse of power.”The Democrat, Representative Chris Bell of Texas, who is leaving Congress because he lost a primary election, filed a 187-page complaint against Mr. DeLay, also of Texas, with the House ethics committee. The complaint accuses the majority leader of illegally soliciting campaign contributions, laundering campaign contributions to influence state legislative races and improperly using his office to influence federal agencies.

Mr. DeLay said “there is no substance” to the accusations.

Sure there is. Delay has been involved in sleazy schemes from pyramiding to using a children’s charity as a front for political fund-raising. He’s a cockroach (name-calling again but I can’t help it, that’s what he is).

Separated at birth?

Separated at birth?

This will vanish, of course. The HEC will do nothing and the chicken press will drop it like the hot potato it is, but you and I know–it’s all true.

DeLay is claiming that it’s bound up with Texas politics and nothing but sour grapes.

Mr. Bell, who called Mr. DeLay “the most corrupt politician in America today,” said that he had been preparing the complaint for months and that his defeat at the polls had nothing to do with it.”Tom DeLay,” Mr. Bell said, “has created a climate of fear and retribution inside the people’s House, and it must come to an end.

What? ‘The Hammer’ did that? Bell is just accusing DeLay of the very behaviour DeLay has been bragging about for years.

The Republicans, of course are outraged by such ‘partisan’ behaviour. Hastert said, ‘The worry I have is that you again politicize the process, and it denigrates what ethics is all about.’ Yeah, protecting a creep like DeLay is the meaning if the word ‘ethics’, Denny. Meanwhile, Republican party flack Rep Ray LaHood said he’s ‘contemplating proposing a rule to prevent “lame-duck members” from filing ethics complaints and said Democratic leaders should tell Mr. Bell “to back off.” ‘ SOP for the Pubs: if you can’t stop criticism, make it illegal.

These guys just get worse every day.

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