Republicans Weaken Church/State Separation–Again

A relatively straightforward trade bill that’s coming up for a vote in the House has been used as a vehicle by the Republican majority to sneak a provision into it that would single out politically-active churches with special favors. It’s a blatantly political move to protect the Christian right from the consequences of mixing religion and politics.

Under the proposal, churches that venture too zealously into politics would be allowed three “unintentional violations” of the law governing nonprofit organizations without risking immediate loss of their tax-exempt status. Wouldn’t we all love such tax-code mercies? This transparent bridge across the church-state divide comes as hustings-tempted clergy are already being openly enlisted by White House campaigners as “friendly congregations” for the November elections. The House proposal mocks honest clergy as much as the tax code.

Instead of ‘Three Strikes and You’re Out’ laws, favorites of hard-core ‘law-and-order’ Pubs in years gone by, Republicans are suddenly offering their supporters a ‘The First Three Strikes Don’t Count’ law.

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