War? What War? Which War?

charlie at BiteSoundBite has another good post up in which he tries desperately to figure out what kind of war it is exactly we’re waging.

[E]ven when Americans (and Brits too) can agree that an action or is terrorism and that the group who committed the action is a “terrorist group”, we can’t possibly fight all of those guys. If we are truly at war with terrorism (either against us, or against somebody else to whom we are indifferent, tho certainly not against the terrorism we employ) why are focusing on the Middle East? There is terrorism all over Latin America. Africa. Asia. Ireland. Chechnya. Russia. etc. etc. Why is al quaeda a focus (is it a focus?) and not FARC or the IRA or the Tamil Tigers? That answer is easy. We are against people who use terrorism against us. Great. So now we can declare war on them. Right? When are we going to do that?Of course, these days we hear less about the war on terrorism than we do about the war on terror. If we are at war with terror (a word which scarcely needs definition; it is in other words simply understood to mean “scariness”) then why are we not…wait, never mind. A war against scariness is more absurd than Mr. Burn’s plan to build a structure that would block out the sun. We are not engaged a war against terror because that is impossible.

Go read the rest.

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