Reagan Redux Reduxed

‘charlie’ at BiteSoundBite has an excellent post up on the dangers of making Reagan into a myth.

Naturally, one would expect that this story would receive a large amount of coverage, but what is the purpose of this coverage? How much is there to say, really? Does the death of a popular former president really eclipse all other events in the world in terms of significance? And why must the coverage be the intellectual equivilent of a Maoist slogan poster, or a giant iron statue of V.I. Lenin? The press has gone beyond the delicate politeness one expects when discussing the recently deceased, and stepped chisel in hand to whatever space is remaining on Mount Rushmore chanting “Ronald Reagan made me feel good about being an American, Roanld Reagan won the Cold War. Let us not discuss any of his policies in detail, and let us not be so uncouth as to note that his administration armed and funded both Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. And let us not worry too much about the illegal funding of the Contras or the arming of both Iran and Iraq in their war even though the idea was to facilitate their killing of each other, sometimes with weapons of mass destruction. The man was very charming!”

Go read the rest

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