Reagan Redux

Ronald Reagan was the greatest leader of the free world in the 20th Century. Franklin Delano Roosevelt left Europe half enslaved. Churchill left Britain in economic decline. Ronald Reagan both defeated the Soviet Union and began a period of economic growth that has lasted a generation and continues to this very day.Grover Norquist

News Item:

New Hampshire’s Senate has passed a measure to make the Presidential Range truly “presidential.” With a vote of 18-5, the Senate voted to change the name of Mount Clay, commemorating Henry Clay who never served as president, to honor former President Ronald Reagan. Reagan will now stand in the clouds beside former presidents such as Washington, Jefferson and Eisenhower, all of which have their own mountain peaks.

After the first round of talks, I told my aides he was a true dinosaur, and Reagan told his aides I was a stubborn Bolshevik.Mikhail Gorbachev

The fox, as has been pointed out by more than one philosopher, knows many small things, whereas the hedgehog knows one big thing. Ronald Reagan was neither a fox nor a hedgehog. He was as dumb as a stump.Christopher Hitchens

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