A Kerry-Nader Ticket

I’ve said before that I don’t think the election is going to be as close as the polls right now say it’s going to be, but suppose I’m wrong (I know what you’re thinking but there’s a first time for everything). If it is as close as the numbers right now suggest, then the Nader vote could kill Kerry as it killed Gore and leave us with four more years of despair, anger, frustration, the re-emergence of the economic slump due to ballooning deficits, a even bigger mess in the Middle East if not the onset of Armageddon, the accelerating destruction of the environment, and the accelerating destruction of the Constitution, not to mention a preening, triumphant Rush Limbaugh. If there’s a way to prevent such a calamity from happening, I think we should consider it.

Well, Jamison at BiteSoundBite has an ingenious solution: put Ralph on the ticket.

Here is the plan. At the right strategic time, Kerry announces that Ralph Nader will be his VP candidate. This shocks everyone and dominates the headlines for weeks, giving Kerry and Nader the kind of press that you can’t buy (well, actually you can, but this would be a way to bridge the financial gap between Kerry and Bush) and a golden opportunity to spell out their plan for a better country.

Apart from the obvious pluses, Jamison sees some ‘side benefits’ as well.

1. I can stop despising Ralph Nader.
2. The Nader-Cheney debates.
3. No need for secret service protection for Kerry anymore.
3a. The pleasure of imagining our friends at the NRO sweating and being unable to sleep for the next four years out of fear for Kerry’s safety.

I can’t stop imagining #2. The entertainment value would almost be worth the risk. And the thought of 3a is so delicious it’s hard to pass up.

Well? Kerry/Nader in ’04?

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