More on the president’s lawyer

John Dean describes the implications of Bush consulting an outside lawyer on the Plame affair. It’s interesting – and fun!

Now a little personal note: I was a kid in the days of Watergate. My father was a news junkie and he was so happy in those days! We didn’t have a TV, but every morning I’d come downstairs to find him listening to NPR and poring over the paper before he went to work. When Nixon resigned, we were visiting relatives in Norway, staying in a little cabin with no electricity. My father woke up in the middle of the night – responding to some kind of internal political alarm clock – flipped on a battery-operated radio and relished the resignation speech.

My father’s dead now. He died in 1997. About a year ago, I asked my mother about those times and said, “that must have been really fun watching Nixon go down like that!” She replied that it was less fun than I imagined because, although they knew full well that Nixon was lying about everything under the sun and covering up all sorts of crimes, it wasn’t at all clear that he was not going to get away with it. As a result, a lot of it was just infuriating. It didn’t become fun until rather late in the unfolding of the story.

I’m hoping that in the Bush presidency we’re now about to make the transition from infuriating to fun.

Seattle (?)

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