Quotes of the Day

From a NY Times report on Stephanie Herseth’s win in South Dakota, voters explain why they did what they did:

The president got us into something awful over there, and I don’t know how we’re going to get out. It’s really an awful situation. It can’t help but influence the way you vote.–Eleanor Nold

Stephanie’s personal appeal is definitely her biggest asset, but the Iraq thing is also part of it. She doesn’t talk about it because she doesn’t have to. People are so upset with the way Bush is handling everything that I really think it’s playing a role in this election.–Sarah Ebeling, who edits Parker’s weekly newspaper, The New Era

We’re in a big mess over there. No one in Washington planned for what was going to happen. That was a big mistake.–Dale Wojahn, businessman

It was very much a local race run on local issues.–Thomas Reynolds, Republican US Representative and chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee

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