Deconstructing Libertarians

Steve Gilliard deconstructs the Libertarians.

Libetarians are like small children, unable to realize why they can’t have their way. They have no idea of social responsibility, but they cloak it in freedom.

[T]he libertarian platform is fundamentally and unalterably racist at it’s core. Not the cross-burning, nigger lynching kind. If you had rolled up to their convention with the Stars and Bars and a cross, they would have beaten you silly. But just as there is more than one way to skin a cat, there’s more than one way to be a racist.What the libertarian policies would do is enshrine the status quo as law. No social mobility, no redress of grievences. Government would let the rich rule the poor without any chance of altering that.

Piece by piece, he takes it apart. A long but very educational read.

(Thanks to Just a Bump on the Beltway)

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