Signs of the Apocalypse–Ultimate Poker Babes

I’ve said before that ours is an adolescent culture focused on the sex, simple answers, and mindless hedonism of the teen-aged years. It seems obvious to me when I see how we vote (and who we vote for) and what we like to watch on tv. Apparently, cable tv producers think so, too.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (AP) — You’ll have to expose more than a poker face if you want a spot on “Ultimate Poker Babes.”The producers of “Ultimate Poker Babes” are looking for eight young woman to play strip poker as part of a pay-per-view cable series. Open auditions will be held Wednesday at a Hollywood hotel.

The poker babes don’t have to know the difference between a straight and a flush, but what they will have to do may make some blush.

The producers say those participating must sign an agreement to appear partially nude during the audition and the game.

As for poker prowess, the producers say lessons will be provided.

I like that last part. Lessons. We have our priorities, we do. Stripping comes first. The sacred game of Poker descends into Hell to play with Satan. Sad.

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