Women Blog, Too! 2

This week’s featured female blogger is ‘melanie’ of Just a Bump on the Beltway.

Melanie, like Seattle, posts long excerpts from articles or news stories she finds significant or telling. Saturday’s posts, for example, include an item that CNN is suing Florida for access to its ineligible voter list, an article on the breakdown of discipline in the White House, and a piece all but buried by the mainstream media that Pat Tillman was probably killed by friendly fire, among others.

Also like Seattle, she doesn’t write much, usually containing herself to a sentence or two after the excerpts, but what she writes makes up in pith and vinegar what it lacks in length.

On an NYT article about the sham ‘sovereignty’ in Iraq:

Good puppet press that it is, the Times is attempting to find the pony in a room filled with horseshft. The people of Iraq are not liable to be equally fooled. If Americans and the US press want to pretend that this fake sovereignty actually means something, than we can also pretend to be surprised by the violence which follows on.

On an Andrew Greeley essay on how the WOT makes us less safe:

This is the real story of the Global War on Terror: it’s all yack.

On Ashcroft raising the warning level without telling Ridge, whose responsibility it is:

If this is the best they can do to get the preznit re-selected, they should be displaid in public stocks on the capital Mall this holiday weekend. If I were voting for cheap goods like this, I’d rather head to my local dollar store. At least I’d arrive home with some new coasters or something similar.

She’s concise, well-informed, and sports just enough sass to be a fun read. A good way to start your day with a rounded look at what’s coming ’round the corner.

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