Saturday Blog-Browsing

#Matt Yglesias at TAPPED on Mickey Kaus’ accusation that Kerry ‘flip-flopped’ on the question of putting more troops in Iraq.

Well, there was a third school of thought represented by George W. Bush, who exercized his patented strong leadership in times of change by refusing to acknowledge that the problem existed at all. As a result, the situation continued to deteriorate. Eventually, things got so bad that Bush was forced to cede political control to the UN in exchange for nothing at all.

#John McKay at archy finds a Hannity comparison between and the Ku Klux Klan wanting, and notes with satisfaction the IGC’s decision on razing Abu Ghraib.

#David Neiwert at Orcinus investigates the source of the BA’s decision to flout internmational law and comes up with a less obvious candidate than Alberto Gonzales.

However, I think that while the initial paper trail points to the OLC, there has to be at least one significant suspect as the actual source of this legal stratagem, namely, Solicitor General Ted Olson — Clement’s boss, and the architect of nearly the entirety of the Bush administration’s legal strategy in the war on terrorism.

Important reading.

#Stirling Newberry at BOP goes after NY Times ‘reporter’ and Chalabi/Mylroie/Rove mouthpiece Judith Miller and doesn’t mince a lot of words in the process.

Miller’s arrogance, to the point where one must question her sanity, is, lamentably, all too common. In a world of uncertainty, many people rise by making the best decisions, but many people rise by simply muscling their way to the table, grabbing other people’s chips, and betting on 22. Miller is one of these people, it is time to call security and take her out of the casino.

#Wanda at Words on a Page writes a heartfelt post about the rising spectre of a re-institution of the draft.

How do we face the reality that ‘staying the course’ means the probability of a re-instatement of the draft? How do we ask young men and women to go unwillingly to fight in a war they do not believe in or support? Are we prepared to face the disfranchisement of the thousands of young people who will refuse? The children of today are not as naively loyal as they were 30 years ago. Do you remember the nightmare that Vietnam wrought on this country? Fathers turned against their sons. Brothers against their brother. All for a war that in the end we lost. What did we accomplish? What are we accomplishing now? We are suppose to be bringing liberty and freedom to Iraq but we are willing to enslave our young to do so? That’s what the draft is, afterall, because if you force them go against their will, that is slavery.

#Jesse at The Gotham City 13 lays out the resume of the new Iraqi Prime Minister. It ain’t pretty.

#Alan at Southerly Buster, my second favorite Aussieblog, links to a Wall Street Journal article re-published on the Global Policy Forum website that proves all of junior’s protestations and promises today about ‘full sovereignty’ for Iraq was so much Bushwah.

This is just another proof of how incomplete the transfer of complete sovereignty is going to be. These tactics are authorised by by Articles 48 and 49 of the transitional administrative diktat. It’s only a guess, but I wonder how much of UN Envoy Brahimi’s difficulties in constructing a government are due to the CPA making these appointments over his head. The defence minister, for instance, has a fixed 5-year term and cannot be removed by the prime minister or the presidency council.Without basic changes, the interim constitution is simply unworkable.

#And Bert at That Colored Fella’s Weblog (who has redone his site again) has a long list of convincing reasons why Bush is at the bottom of a long uphill slog.

However, not on Bush’s agenda, but on the country’s schedule is the 9/11 reports and the Wilson Spy Scandal. Not to mention the ever-widening abuse scandal inching its way up to Rumsfeld and the coming toll of gas prices on a recovering economy – new job’s number box score. But, what of the recently penciled in Ahmed Chalabi? If he proves to be more of a media hound than Chuck Shummer, it should be interesting how the Right spins the elite Liberal media’s manipulation after supplying ample incriminating file footage of the future (now former) Hamid Karzai of the new Iraq.

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