Berg Beheading Bogus

Talk about great minds thinking alike….

I was just writing a post about this when what I thought was an inoffensive little program I’d just downloaded crashed the computer. When I got back up, Seattle had beat me to it. But I’ll add a little just the same.

I originally ran into the charges that the Berg video was a fake a couple of weeks ago when La Voz De Aztlan published this story only a day or two after the video surfaced. But the Aztlan Press, while valuable, isn’t always terribly reliable, often printing rumors as if they were fact, so I waited to see if the story popped up someplace more credible. It did.

Yesterday, The Asia Times published this piece on the independent evaluations of two medical consultants.

American businessman Nicholas Berg’s body was found on May 8 near a Baghdad overpass; a video of his supposed decapitation death by knife appeared on an alleged al-Qaeda-linked website ( on May 11. But according to what both a leading surgical authority and a noted forensic death expert separately told Asia Times Online, the video depicting the decapitation appears to have been staged.”I certainly would need to be convinced it [the decapitation video] was authentic,” Dr John Simpson, executive director for surgical affairs at the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, said from New Zealand. Echoing Dr Simpson’s criticism, when this journalist asked forensic death expert Jon Nordby, PhD and fellow of the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators, whether he believed the Berg decapitation video had been “staged”, Nordby replied: “Yes, I think that’s the best explanation of it.”

That gives Aztlan’s Hector Carreon credibility–on this issue, at least–and a few days after he wrote the first piece on the doctors, he wrote this one on a frame-by-frame analysis of the Berg video which he says shows that the staged decapitation took place within Abu Ghraib.

The evidence is mounting up that the beheading was, indeed, bogus. There are two possible explanations at this point: 1) the whole video is a fraud and NOBODY was killed; 2) it was Berg on the video but the decapitation happened after he was already dead.

Apart from Aztlan and Al-Jazeera, indications that the entire thing may be a hoax comes from the supposed linkage of terrorist al-Zarqawi who is, according to intelligence sources, dead and has been for two years.

On March 4, Brigadier-General David Rodriguez of the Joint Chiefs of staff revealed that the Pentagon didn’t have “direct evidence of whether he’s [al-Zarqawi] alive or dead”, providing commentary on the nature of prior “evidence” linking al-Zarqawi to attacks and bombings. But that same day, AP reported that an Iraqi resistance group claimed al-Zarqawi had been killed the April prior in the US bombing of northern Iraq.Speaking off the record, intelligence community sources have previously said they believe it “very likely” that al-Zarqawi is indeed long dead. Such a fact makes al-Zarqawi’s alleged killing of Berg difficult to reconcile, and there has been broad speculation that blaming al-Zarqawi is an administration ploy. Further anomalies surrounding Berg’s death have fueled added speculation.

Like the Plame Affair, this one isn’t over by a long shot.

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