Women Blog, Too! 3

This week’s featured feamle blog is Roxanne’s Rox Populi, a raucous hodge-podge of quizzes, lists, travel tips, cold remedies, and ephemera from around the blogosphere. You can caption a picture, write an anti-Bush haiku, tell her about your favorite Alaskan mountain, or catch up with the latest Passion of the Christ parody. She has a ton of recurring features, including the Molly Ivins Quote of the Week, the Phileas Fogg Travel Tips, the Friday Random Ten, and–my personal favorite–the Deity ‘o’ the Week. This week–Gilgamesh!

In honor of the “mess” we’ve made of Mesopotamia (apologies to Jon Stewart), this week’s featured diety is Gilgamesh.

…He is the precursor of Heracles and other folk heroes. Gilgamesh is the son of Ninsun, a comparatively obscure goddess who had a palace-temple in Uruk. His father in the King-List is mysteriously described as ‘lillû’, which may mean ‘fool’ or a demon of the vampire kind, as well as being a high-priest of Kullab (part of Uruk) . On other occasions, he refers to Lugulbanda as his semi-divine ‘father’. Gilgamesh is fifth on the King-List and reigned in Uruk around 2700 BCE (or some hundred years or so later) for 126 years (his son reigned a mere 30 years). He was famous as a great builder and as a judge of the dead.

Roxanne doesn’t write funny but her choices betray a sly, even slippery wit that catches you off-guard, and she’s as likely to be serious as not. To another blogger’s suggestion that liberals close the Great Divide by taking a conservative to lunch, she replies:

Leave aside, for the moment, the notion that Kim’s Republican lunch date sounds like a broken record. I like the suggestion. Most of us live in silos. If we want to be effective agents of change, we’ve got to get out of these silos.

She has a point, though I doubt I could afford the kind of place Pubs like to eat, and I further doubt that the Pubs I know would care much for Fat Willie’s Grill.

Drop by Roxanne’s place and let yourself be taken for a short, surprising ride.

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