At From the Trenches


Affordable Housing in Crisis–Again

From the NY Times: House Republicans threaten Section 8 support to low-income population just as rents are skyrocketing

Employer-Based Health Coverage Doesn’t Cut It

From the Seattle Post-Intelligencer: House Republicans pass bill that will let employers cut worker benefits and shift more of the cost of health care onto their employees


The Paquette Column: ‘Why Should I Apologize for Making Lots of Money?’

A self-described ‘member of a small, elite group’, the rich, defends his right to keep as much of his money as he can.

I wonder at how the mind-set of the country has changed, how the work ethic has been corrupted. When I was growing up, the only rule was that success and achievements resulted from, and were directly related to, hard work. You got back in proportion to the effort you put forth. That’s the way it has worked for me.

And one man’s answer.

Mr. Paquette believes in this model because it worked for him. And there is no doubt that many Americans with higher incomes have that money due to hard work. But it is equally, and increasingly unavoidably obvious that many others arrived at a position of higher income due to advantages they were given, rather than earned. A minimum wage janitor from a poor school district who is holding two jobs to support a family does not have the same opportunity to create international business contacts, and no amount of harder floor-mopping is going to create that opportunity.

Why are women more often living in poverty?

From the Atlanta Journal-Consitution: A conservative/liberal debate.

Con: ‘A complex socio-economic issue like this often requires multiple answers, but here the answers are far more social than economic. And most reasons can be boiled down to one: The breakdown of the family.’Lib: ‘If Shaunti’s right — if female poverty is the result of disintegrating family bonds — why is it that women earn 50 cents on the male dollar worldwide?

Class Warfare, Dammit!

Phaedrus at No Fear of Freedom looks at the gap between rising base costs like rent and stagnant wages for workers.

The American working class consists mainly of indentured servants. Oh, they’ve changed the forms so you won’t easily snap to that realization but, effectively, it still works like indentured servitude for the employer.


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