Pop Quiz Correction

I made fun of Junior’s trip to Georgia a couple of posts back by saying he showed up just to collect $2.2Mil from Georgia oligarchs gathered at the home of chief oligarch Robert Nardelli. I accused him of not doing anything important while he was there, but I was wrong, I admit it. He actually did two important things while he was there.

1) He collected $3.2Mil, not $2.2M, which of course transforms his visit from the mundane to the ‘Slightly Special’.

Seen by few who weren’t willing to write a check for the privilege, President George W. Bush breezed in and out of Atlanta on Monday in a four-hour, drive-time visit that netted $3.2 million from some of Georgia’s biggest names in business.The visit to one of the South’s wealthiest neighborhoods caused only minor rush-hour irritation, but gave Bush a chance to tell the well-connected that he wouldn’t let a drop in the polls and a rough month in Iraq get him down.

Well, what’s a little torture among friends? He also took the opportunity to announce a major change in the direction his Admin has been taking in the Middle East.

“He had some very heartfelt comments that sometimes you might not see when they have cameras judging every word,” said Herman Cain, a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate who attended the event at the home of Robert Nardelli, chief executive officer of Home Depot. “[Bush] said we should make no mistake, that he wants to be president and he’s ready to campaign and earn our vote, because he understands our enemy and knows what we need to do to win the war on terror.”

Well, that’s a relief. When did he figure it out? Musta been, like, over the weekend because he didn’t have a clue on Friday.

2) He met his first African-American who wasn’t a sports star or a token corporate honcho or Colin Powell–

–but a 20-year-old member of Americorps, the program Bush praised so highly just before he cut its budget to the bone. The guy even has cornrows. Maybe that’s why Georgie looks so startled.

Anyway, it’s good to know our Prez wasn’t wasting his time on trivialities while Iraq’s going down the spout but pouring his energies into what’s really important: MONEY. Lots and lots of MONEY.

And in case you thought Cheney has just been lounging around watching Buffy re-runs (he looooves The Master), in fact Dickie-Bird was in Georgia, too (co-incidence, I’m sure), raising money (there’s that word again, but one must have one’s priorities) for right-wing whacko Max Burns. And it was good to see that some things don’t change: Cheney continued the Bush Tradition of charging money for pictures of himself.

POOLER — Vice President Dick Cheney brought political muscle and a flurry of fat checks to the re-election campaign of 12th District U.S. Rep. Max Burns at a fund-raising luncheon Monday.The vice president also used the opportunity to campaign for the Bush-Cheney 2004 ticket and took a few shots at the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

Vice President Dick Cheney waves to supporters of U.S. Rep. Max Burns (right) Monday in Pooler, where he spoke at a fund-raising luncheon for the Republican congressman.

The fund-raiser for the Republican Burns, held at the Mighty Eighth Air Force Heritage Museum, drew about 200 people, many of whom paid extra to have a picture taken with the vice president.

The luncheon, Burns’ first major fund-raiser since April 1, added $175,000 to his campaign chest. Through March 31, he had raised nearly $1.3 million and had $879,306 in cash, according to the Federal Election Commission. His closest competitor, Athens lawyer John Barrow, had raised $640,235. (emphasis added)

Is it me or is raising MONEY the only thing these guys do well?

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