More Bush Fund-Raising–In London!

Not to be outdone, I guess, Junior put Poppy to work raising foreign money for his campaign.

LONDON — Though President Bush last month declared an end to fund-raising for his re-election after accumulating a record sum [Um, then what was that visit to GA all about? Oh, I get it. It was another lie.–M], the campaign plans at least one more event in a city it missed the first time around.In what is billed as the only major fund-raiser being held outside the United States, the campaign will host a reception featuring former President George Bush today at London’s five-star Landmark Hotel. The invitations sent to American expatriates seek a minimum contribution of $1,000 to spend a few hours with the president’s father.

“There is a large contingent of Americans living in London, and we felt we wanted to help build support there for the campaign,” said Scott Stanzel, a spokesman for the Bush-Cheney campaign in Washington.

Five-star hotels and $thousand dinners$ in London on the campaign account–the Bushes know what’s life’s all about, don’t they? MONEY. Even if you have to go overseas to get it.

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