Daily Archives: May 17, 2004

So Heaven Favors Jerks?

John McKay just put up his first post at From the Trenches, and it’s a dilly. Our attitudes come from somewhere, they don’t just appear on the wings of passing pigeons. And the fact that our attitudes are ‘ours’ doesn’t make them right–or even logical.

[T]he [meritocracy] myth is so deeply ingrained that we ignore experience to stick with what we know is true. In high school were the most beautiful and successful (according to high school standards) the kindest and most pure? How many cheerleaders were self-involved princesses? How many jocks were violent bullies? We all knew exceptions, but if success is a sign of heavenly favor, doesn’t high school suggest that heaven favors jerks?

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Pop Quiz

Junior’s in Georgia because he’s

a) boosting health care for the 43 million who don’t have it, many of whom live in the South?

b) declaring his determination to formulate a clear exit strategy in Iraq?

c) reversing the EPA order allowing strip mining to devastate more of Georgia’s shrinking wilderness areas?

d) taking the Georgia flag controversy head-on by declaring his opposition to the design that symbolically celebrates the pro-slavery, pre-Civil War South?

e) visiting one of the richest oligarchs in the South in order to raise another $2.2MIL for his bloated (over–over–$200Mil already) campaign, charging $50,000 a pop for the privilege of sitting at his table?


a) Nah–that issue isn’t even on his radar.

b) Uh-uh–not close enough to election-time.

c) Nope–he doesn’t know the order exists and if he did he’d think it was ‘good for the economy.’

d) Are you kidding?

e) Naturally.

The Buckhead ZIP code that has given more campaign money to President Bush than any other in Georgia will host the commander-in-chief for a fund-raiser today.Robert Nardelli, chief executive officer of Home Depot, will host the president and his supporters at his mansion just north of Mount Paran Road.

If it goes well for the president, he will leave Atlanta with at least $2.25 million in new donations for his campaign war chest, which surpassed the $200 million mark in April. That’s if the 300 people who are expected for the $15,000-a-couple dinner actually attend.

The sum, cited by state Republican officials, doesn’t include a $4,000-a-couple reception and the additional $50,000 supporters must cough up to his campaign or his party to sit at the president’s table.

I wouldn’t pay $50,000 to sit at the right-hand of god even if I had it, on the theory that a god who thought money was that important couldn’t be much of a god–or very interesting to listen to. But Junior? No no, this thing is going the wrong way–he should be paying me $50K to sit and listen to his uninformed, ignorant, fantasy-laden drivel.

You know, this is all cock-eyed. Something is seriously wrong with us.