Women Blog, Too!

In a recent online conversation, a very smart woman who is just starting to get interested in blogs, said, ‘It’s all guys! Where are the women?’ She has been surfing the majors, I would presume, which is where everybody starts–Atrios, Kevin Drum (who I’ve just about stopped reading since he moved to Washington Monthly), Josh Marshall, David Neiwert, Hesiod, Kos, Billmon, Matt Yglesias–all the Usual Suspects. I sent her a list of links to some of the female bloggers I like the best, and it occurred to me that that might be useful to do here, as well.

Taking a leaf from Jeff’s Daily Link (Notes on the Atrocities), I am therefore inaugurating a new weekly (or whenever I think of it) feature called ‘Women Blog, Too!’ in which I’ll ‘spotlight’ (theater–it’s always in your blood) a female blogger of note or one who’s a good writer or just someone i like for whatever quirky, inexplicable reason I may have without even knowing it.

This Week’s Featured Female Blog:

ill-sorted ephemera, hosted by julie-beth.

julie writes short, concise posts that are almost one-liners, and links to off-beat sites that say something about our obsessions or our ideas of leisure or our images of ourselves. Her comments are wry and witty without ever (or at least rarely) dipping into sarcasm or bitterness, and her eye for the pompous ass, the entertaining oddball, or the just plain silly is unerring. For a taste of what she’s about, here’s one of her longer, more serious posts in toto:

of justification by faith and worksor

just a little god’ll do ya…

okay, so i’ve sworn off religion, but i still think there might, just might, be somethin’ to some of it. there ARE still people out there who i’d actually consider real honest-to-goodness christians, for instance. and it’s surely nice to see that progressive christianity finally has a good home…check out FaithfulAmerica.org to see the teachings of jesus christ in action, rather than just in words.

this takes off, them pharisees won’t know what hit ’em!

Go. It won’t take long and the worst that can happen is, you’ll smile once or twice. That’s OK, you’re tough, you can take it.

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