Pub Ops At AirAmerica?

Air America went through some hard times the first couple of weeks they were up-and-running, including having their Chicago station lock them out, their Santa Monica station run alternate programming when it was supposed to be airing AA, and a lawsuit. In the last couple of weeks all that seems to have gone away but there haven’t been any press reports about what was going on or why it vanished so suddenly (publicly reported lawsuits don’t usually disappear overnight without a trace).

Until Wednesday, nobody at AA was talking either. Then Randi Rhodes (in response to a question from a caller, if memory serves) commented that, although she couldn’t talk about it yet, ‘They don’t miss a trick.’ On Thursday she went further and said that there had been a big mess at AA, that people were there who didn’t belong there, that they and the mess were at the very top of the AA hierarchy (my word, not hers), and that ‘Republican operatives’ were all over the place the first few weeks ‘but they’re all gone now.’

I’ve spent some time trying to track down anything relating to Randi’s comments, but so far no luck. Reading between the lines, it would seem that the radcons managed somehow to infiltrate AA’s management structure and were deliberately causing severe problems in order to force AA to fail–precisely the sort of dishonest, slimy trick we’ve come to expect from them. I didn’t hear the whole show today, but she didn’t bring it up again on the segments I did hear.

There’s a major story here, if anybody wants to dig into it who has the time and the resources. Ay? Anybody?

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