A ‘Western Strategy’ for the Democrats

My FTT partner, John McKay, has an excellent post at archy that explains the so-called ‘Western Strategy’ about as clearly and concisely as anything I’ve seen.

The Western Strategy is a simple demographic observation. For years the West has been divided into a safe Democratic West (the coast states) and a safe Republican West (the mountain and basin states). Demographic changes along the southern edge of the Republican West are turning some of their safe states into swing states, with the possibility that they might eventually become out and out Democratic in the near future. The states most often mentioned are New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada. The demographic changes in question are mostly the rapid growth of the Hispanic population, but the rapid urbanization of some areas (in the form of retirees) is also an important factor.

He discusses the ins and outs of the strategy, its weaknesses and strengths, and advises that we don’t give up the South for it.

The South-less Strategy leaves no margin for error in the presidential election. The South-less Strategy ignores other parts of the government to concentrate on the White House. Although there are now very few statewide races that a Democrat can win in the South, there are plenty of individual districts that are winnable, and we need them to regain control of the House.

Thoughtful stuff. On balance, I tend to agree with him, but I’m not a count-the-districts kind of political junkie except in Mass, so I’m a little off my turf in Arizona. Read it and see what you think.


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