Bush Apologizes–A First

Well, I’ll be damned. Karl got Junior to apologize for something. That musta hurt like the dickens. And to Abdullah of Jordan, of all people. Poor Abdullah.

Two weeks ago, on the eve of a scheduled visit, Georgie announces that he’s throwing away the road map to follow Ariel off the edge of the cliff, backing Sharon’s land-grab, and the King has to “postpone” his trip–the King of Jordan making a “friendly” visit to the US is dicey enough, but to go there when the President has just reneged on one of his basic promises to the Palestinians? Uh-uh. No. Bad move.

So he waits a couple of weeks, Sharon’s plan gets rejected by his own party (not because it’s blatant theft and a repudiation of Israel’s previous stance but because they don’t think Sharon is stealing enough land), and he tries again. This time, while he’s here, proof that America has been torturing Arab prisoners gets splashed all over the Arab (and the world) press, and the King still has to go into the Rose Garden and make nice with the Shrub he would have liked to chop off at the roots. The guy just doesn’t have any luck at all. And now he has to go home. Oy.

But give him credit–his presence is what pushed Karl into authorizing that apology and Junior into going back to his original policy on Palestine. The King couldn’t go back to his country with nothing after all this, and he used the terrible position he was in to wrest the public apology Al Jazeera didn’t get out of the man who never apologizes for anything. Not bad, when you stop to think about it. A case of turning rotten lemons into acceptable lemonade, even if the Prez’ apology did seem to be more about the pictures being shown than what the pictures showed. But hey, you take what you can get with this president.

Nice work, Abdullah. An apology for something he’s screwed up is a lot more than we’ve been able to get out of him.

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