FITE’s Latest Newsletter

Newsletter #24

We wrote in newsletter #21 how the financial irresponsibility of the Republican controlled congress has helped push up prices. Record spending combined with record tax cuts have contributed to lowering the value of the dollar, so the Arab countries, who are paid in dollars, have raised the price of oil just to maintain their purchasing power on the world market.

You might think, then, that they would at least stop giving even more tax breaks to the super rich to stop this serious threat to our economy. Not a chance! They simply can’t stop giving breaks to their friends, the campaign contributors, to the tune of $170 BILLION. This includes:

* $8 million for makers of arrows. Yes, as in Robin Hood.

* $25 million for foreigners who gamble at US horse and dog races.

The list goes on and on. It’s a feeding frenzy of the super rich, out to wring the last drop out of our government before it goes bust.

Meanwhile, there’s still a shortage of body armor for the troops, our schools lack the funds to satisfy the “No child left behind” program, and local police departments still lack the funding they were promised for terrorist threats.

And Kerry? Not a mention of these problems on his web site!

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