Daily Archives: May 2, 2004

Pundit Quotes of the Day

“Americans won’t take casualties for the credibility of the Bush administration. That’s not a good enough reason for people to die.”–La Dowd

“[B]efore the games can begin, the war must be won, and no war is won until the losing side knows it has lost.”George Will

Mayday Madness, Hooray!

Silly me, I thought today was the 1st, not yesterday, so I didn’t post the traditional Mayday chant. This mistake MUST BE CORRECTED IMMEDIATELY! So I will.

Hooray, hooray,

It’s the First of May!

Outdoor screwing1

Starts today!

This is an ancient Discordian mantra. Discordians worshipped Eris, the Goddess of, um, Lust, and it was said that if the mantra was not recited promptly on the First, Chaos would rule the following year. Which put them into a terrible quandary as they also worshipped Chaos.

It may not be too late. I recommend repeated recitation today, just in case. While not strictly-speaking required, it might also be a good idea to follow up the chants with a, uh, bout of the, um, suggested activity-like program. If you know what I mean….

It’s up to you of course, but it was a beautiful day here in New England and today is supposed to be another one until the inevitable clouds move in later this evening. There are lots worse ways you could be spending your time. Trust me on that one.

Just a thought….

1. Edited for a family audience. And John Ashcroft. When uttered in the privacy of your own home, the proper term may be applied. Use topically.

Sunday Open House

Phaedrus at No Fear of Freedom performs heroics deconstructing the recent CBSNews/NY Times Poll and discovers that we seem to be kidding ourselves on a massive scale.

63. Do you think of the war with Iraq as part of the war on terrorism, or do you think of it as separate from the war on terrorism? IF ANSWERED �PART OF WAR ON TERRORISM�, ASK: Is it a major part of the war on terrorism, or a minor part of the war on terrorism?

Thirty-eight percent think it’s a major part, but 13% think it’s only a minor part, and 45% think Iraq is not part of the war on terror. So, basically the American people feel Bush is fighting the wrong war, and fighting it badly, as we shall see, but they think he’s doing a wonderful job in the war on terror. I developed a pounding headache just from writing that last sentence.

Question of the Day: What’s going on here? By overwhelming margins, we think he’s doing a terrible job with the war and yet nearly a majority of us (read the whole post) approve of the job he’s doing with the war. This makes no sense. So what’s with us? What do you think we’re thinking? Are we masochists? Illogical? Monumentally stoned? What?