The Weekly Best-Of List

Best Name for a Security Company Supplying Mercenaries to Iraq: Custer Battles.

Best Quote of the Week on Fallujah:

[A]s another senior officer put it, “We have the potential to turn this into the Alamo if we get it wrong.”

Clearest Explanation of the Bushian World View: Grover Norquist

“Americans don’t care about the rest of the world. If they mess with us, go blow them up, and don’t bother me, y’know—don’t sit and talk about it all day. You went out and blew up the nice Taliban. Good. O.K. Next. What are you doing for me?”

Best Bonehead Political Move of the Week: Dick Cheney’s attack on Kerry’s military record. (Kerry promptly released 120 pages of glowing recommendations from his superiors and began to question–finally!–Chicken George’s non-service).

Most Orwellian Moment: The White House “Presidents” webpage. (see Seattle’s post just below)

Best Example of the Way the PATRIOT Act Is Being Used: The trial of an Islamic grad student because he maintained websites the govt didn’t care for.

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