Bush Admin Pays Attention to Global Warming

When the Bush Administration sees a problem it can recognize, it leaps into action. Take global warming, for example. Faced with the prospect of potential catastrophe arising from oceans rising and swamping whole coasts as the polar ice caps melt, Junior wants to “study” it some more (what he should have been doing in college when he was busy chugging and snorting instead). BUT–when Dan Bartlett, WH Communications Director, discovered that a movie about global warming was about to be released, he swung into high gear, immediately ordering the top Press Officer at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, to tell everybody there to keep shut.

“No one from NASA is to do interviews or otherwise comment on anything having to do with” the film, said the April 1 message, which was sent by Goddard’s top press officer. “Any news media wanting to discuss science fiction vs. science fact about climate change will need to seek comment from individuals or organizations not associated with NASA.”Copies of the message, and the one from NASA headquarters to which it referred, were provided to The New York Times by a senior NASA scientist who said he resented attempts to muzzle climate researchers.

Not to mention the dastardly attempt to keep lowly climate researchers from meeting movie stars promoting the film.

The movie in question, The Day After Tomorrow, depicts an “instant ice age” that occurs over the course of 48 hrs. Guess who made it?

“The Day After Tomorrow,” from 20th Century Fox, is directed by Roland Emmerich, whose “Independence Day” in 1996 depicted an alien invasion of earth and included such memorable special effects as the White House exploding in flames. The new movie’s script contains a host of politically uncomfortable situations: the president’s motorcade is flash frozen; the vice president, who scoffs at warnings even as chaos erupts, resembles Dick Cheney; the humbled United States has to plead with Mexico to allow masses of American refugees fleeing the ice to cross the border.

Oops. Well, as you can plainly see for yourself, this movie clearly represents a greater danger than any old real threat from global warming–it suggests it could happen NOW, during the reign of Emperor George, not at some safe, distant remove like, say, a century or so when, as Bush said to Bob Woodward, “We’ll all be dead.”

Global warming is only important enough to pay attention to when it threatens Junior’s re-election. Actually, everything is only important if it threatens Junior’s re-election. If only the specter of starving kids and civil war in Iraq and a failing economy threatened Junior’s re-election, he might do something about them, too.

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