Photographer–and Her Husband–Fired by Maytag

Seattle started out his intermittent relationship with us by doing a piece on an article in his hometown paper, the Seattle Times (scroll down two posts) about some seemingly innocuous pictures of dead soldiers being returned home from Iraq. The pictures show the bodies being treated with grave military respect–carried by the traditional six pallbearers in full uniform and saluted as each is placed into a waiting hearse, a far cry from the sometimes unceremonious and even clinical handling of bodies returning home from Nam in plastic bags (they were “cost-effective”) rather than coffins.

The woman who took the pictures, Tami Salicio, worked as the official photographer for a Brown&Root subsidiary in Kuwait called Maytag Aircraft (CorpHQ are right here in Mass), like the washing machine. She didn’t send them to the Times but to a friend of hers, Amy Katz, who wrote back to her that the photos ought to be released. Silicio agreed to the release on one condition:

If they ran a story with it, it would have to focus on the respectful and sensitive way in which the deceased are being handled in Kuwait.”She thought the families would want to see that she and others were doing everything they could. She thinks of herself as the representative mother there,” Katz says.

Seattle noted in his post that “An employee of the military contractor Maytag Aircraft was fired for releasing” the photos. He was being generous. In fact, Maytag Aircraft, in a gratuitous and inexcusable genuflection to the Bush Admin’s aversion to pictures of dead soldiers in the media, fired two people–Salicio and her husband, David Landry.

Yes, that’s what I said–her husband, who had had nothing whatever to do with either the taking of the pictures or their release to the press. Both had worked for Maytag–in fact, that’s where they met–and they’ve only been married a month. That was apparently all Maytag needed to know. In the firmly 19th century view of Maytag and the BA, David was responsible for his wife’s behaviour, so he had to go, too.

What you can say about Maytag Aircraft (other than the epithets that come screaming immediately to mind) is that they obviously know which side of their bread the butter is on, as my mother used to say. Maytag belongs to Brown&Root which belongs to Halliburton which is the House Organ of the Bush/Cheney Crime Family. If they wanted to maintain that very lucrative arrangement, it behooved them to set the heads of the two offenders up on pikes outside the moated walls of the Corporate Compound as evidence of their loyalty. So they did.

Freedom of the press? Faugh! The people’s right to know? Piffle! The rights of the families of slain soldiers to know how their sons and daughters are being treated (very well from all appearances)? A danger to the Reich Nation! Forget all that traitorous, left-wing propaganda and remember Cardinal Rule #1:

Keep the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ flowing.

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