Is the Kerry Campaign On Vacation, Or What?

I’m not the first one to say this but Junior has had a helluva a month. Virtually NO good news for the Admin has surfaced for three weeks at least: the televised 9/11 hearings, between Clarke’s clarity and professionalism and Condi’s waffling defense and patent Newspeak, were a disaster; Bremer closed al-Sadr’s newspaper and precipitated a firestorm in Fallujah; the extensive use Rumsfeld’s Defense Dept is making of professional mercs came to light in a grisly way; his own party is balking at his insistence on keeping PATRIOT ACT I intact and renewing it as-is; a steady stream of defectors and whistle-blowers has made it clear that the atmosphere inside the WH is closer to a grade school playground than a govt; his first prime-time press conference had even the Kool-Aid Kids shaking their heads; and to cap it off, Bob Woodward’s new book, in spite of Bob’s taking every opportunity he could find to soften the blows and spin the catastrophes of this Admin Junior’s way, has all but eliminated any lingering doubts that Junior and His Band of Neocon Wonder Boys have been lying their heads off from the git-go.

The latest polls, reflecting this onslaught of fact on BushCo Fantasy Land, have plummeted, showing less favorable ratings for every single member of the BA.

* President Bush’s job ratings are down to 48% positive, 51% negative,
the worst ratings of his presidency and the first time his negative
rating is greater (albeit insignificantly) than his positive rating. * Vice President Dick Cheney’s ratings have fallen to 36% positive, 52%
negative, compared to 41% positive, 48% negative in February.

* Secretary of State Colin Powell’s ratings have fallen to 63% positive,
31% negative, also his worst ratings since he took office. However, he
remains by far the most popular member of the cabinet.

* Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld’s ratings have fallen to 45%
positive, 47% negative from 50% positive, 43% negative in February.

* Attorney General John Ashcroft’s ratings have fallen to 40% positive,
45% negative compared to 44% positive, 42% negative in February.

All of these are their lowest ratings since they took office.

Junior is doing worse than any modern president in the April before an election except for Jimmy Carter, Jerry Ford, and, of course, Poppy Bush–all of whom then lost their re-election bids.

Yet despite all this, Kerry’s numbers haven’t moved an inch, probably because he and his campaign have done nothing to exploit them. Why not, for heaven’s sake? What are they waiting for? And how can Junior’s ratings continue to fall without Kerry’s rising? Who do voters think they’re going to pick if they dislike Bush but aren’t very comfortable with Kerry? Ralph Nader (up to 8%)? Come on.

Not that anybody in Kerry’s campaign reads this blog or would pay the slightest bit of attention if they did, but GET OFF THE STICK, GUYS! Of all the times for you to be taking a nap, this isn’t exactly the one I’d pick. Junior is vul-ner-a-ble. Know what that means? It means, GO GET ‘IM, YOU PEABRAINS! You clowns aren’t going to let this moron walk back into the WH for four more years of desperate ruination, rampant corruption, and environmental destruction, are you?

Hit ‘im High,
Hit ‘im Low,
Hit’im Where
His Walnuts Grow.

Damn, do I have to do everything for you? WAKE UP!

(Hope that does it….)

Via The Raw Story

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