"Nobody Told Me To"–Who’s In Charge?

There’s a 2-part theme running through the BA’s defense of its inaction following the Aug 6 PDB, and the PPP (Press/Pundit Patrol) seems only to have caught on to the first part: “Nothing in it was ‘actionable’.” But this just raises a couple of critical questions: 1) What does “actionable” mean? and 2) What criteria do you use to determine what is “actionable” and what isn’t? What the PPP seems to have missed are the answers given to those questions. Listen up:

Condi Rice:

“[T]here was no recommendation that we do something about this.”

“Dick Clarke never asked me to brief the president on counterterrorism.”

Now comes John Ashcroft (through his spokesman, Mark Corallo):

Aides to Mr. Ashcroft, who is scheduled to testify before the commission on Tuesday, said he would tell the panel that he was…never informed…that he needed to take special action….

So the underlying theme is: “Nobody told us to do anything.” Hmm, now who might have had that responsibility?

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