Gitmo Commander Taking Over Iraq Prisons

Gitmo is a legal travesty. Prisoners have been badly mistreated (torture is routine), lawyer-client conversations are bugged by authorities (when prisoners are allowed to see lawyers at all), most of the 600 inmates are being held without charge and without opportunity for bail, and not one conviction for any “crime” has been obtained. The only inmate charged with wrong-doing, Jimmy Yee, was recently released for lack of evidence after almost two years’ incarceration, and nobody even apologized. The whole operation is disgraceful, an exercise in extrajudicial revenge that is in direct violation of the Geneva Convention.

So what do the Bushies do? Why, promote the man in charge, of course.

MIAMI — The Army general in charge of the prisoner operation at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been reassigned to oversee prisoner detention operations in Iraq, U.S. military officials said Wednesday.For the last 18 months, Maj. Gen. Geoffrey Miller has commanded the joint task force at Guantanamo that holds 600 foreign terrorism suspects, most of them captured during the war in Afghanistan. He will become deputy commander for detainee operations for the U.S.-led forces in Iraq, officials said.

Tom Engelhardt makes a case that this “temporary” prison system is about to become permanent, creating what he calls a “career ladder” in the military.

In Guantanamo, Cuba, and in occupied Iraq, in other words, we now have two black holes of injustice; and once you have two of anything that needs to be managed, you can always imagine one of them as more important than the other and you immediately have a career ladder.******************************

With remarkably little attention from our media, and deep in the shadows, the Bush administration is creating what Neal Katyal, chief counsel to the military defense lawyers in the Guantanamo case pending at the U.S. Supreme Court, calls a “legal Frankenstein.” Or maybe it’s just a Frankenstein.

In other words, the Bush Administration is about to replicate Gitmo in Iraq, presumably with its contempt for justice and legal procedures intact. Way to win their hearts and minds, guys.

One of the outstanding characteristics of all radcons is that they just loooooove enemies. Enemies justify their whole world-view; enemies excuse their greed, their nascent fascistic impulses, and their irritation with democratic principles. Enemies are, in fact, a requirement of radcons: without a passle of enemies, their policies have no reason to exist and their goals are meaningless. So if no enemies happen to be around, they create them.

This is, of course, in the finest Bush Family tradition. No sooner had the wall fallen in ’89 than Poppy was casting around for a new bad-guy. He found what he was looking for in Saddam. Randi pointed out in her show yesterday that before Hussein invaded Kuwait, he called us and, bassically, asked if it was OK? He was told that “the US government takes no position in Arab-to-Arab conflicts.” In other words, “Don’t worry about it, we won’t stop you.”

That wasn’t just a lie, it was a trick to justify announcing a new enemy to replace the one we’d just lost. And so the First Gulf War was born amid fanciful tales of Iraqi soldiers murdering incubator babies and eating them that was cooked up by an ambitious Publican PR flack who, like most Publicans these sad days, wasn’t overly concerned with facts, let alone truth, and the seeds of the Second Gulf War were sown to set up the second Imperial round.

One of the biggest necessities of all imperial govts is a prison system to house all its enemies and keep the satellite states in line. So we’re making one. The fact that prison systems are fertile ground for private companies like Blackwater is just a bonus.

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