So Karen Hughes Is a Terrorism Expert Now?

If you’re looking for proof that the media has finally lost its marbles, one sure sign would be Sunday’s Meet the Press interview with Karen Hughes.

Also appearing on “Meet the Press,” Karen P. Hughes, one of Mr. Bush’s closest political advisers and an important strategist for his re-election campaign, rejected the suggestion that the attacks could have been prevented.”I just don’t think, based on everything I know, and I was there, that there was anything that anyone in government could have done to have put together the pieces before the horror of that day,” Ms. Hughes said

As NYT reporter Philip Shenon accurately notes, Karen Hughes is a “political advisor” and campaign strategist. She is NOT a member of the NSC, the CT Task Force, or any other agency or group assigned to fighting terrorism. What possible point could there be to asking her “opinion”? Who cares? Or is MTP so desperate for additional Bush-friendly spin that they just had to go out and get somebody who does it for a living? It couldn’t have been because they’re running out of sycophantic Bush apologists, could it?

Oh, one other teensy weensy little problem, hardly worth mentioning, I guess, since Shenon doesn’t: “I was there…” Um, actually, she wasn’t. She left the WH before Junior took his first vacation in August. Something about Rove being a scum-sucking pig and she’d rather get strung up by her toenails in a wetsuit than work for him wanting to spend more time with her family. “I just don’t think, based on everything I know…” But you don’t know anything, Karen.

“Um, well, they told me about it. It was terrible. I saw it all on television. I was shocked.”

“Yes, we all were. What steps did Condi take to prevent such an attack?”

“Every one possible.”

“Spoken like a trooper, ma’am, but I’m asking you which specific steps did she take?”

“She says she–”

“I know what she says, Ms Hughes, I’m asking you what you saw.”

“Oh. Well. Nothing, really. I was in Cancun getting a tan. All I saw there was sand, sea, and sky. Look, no tan lines–”

“That’s enough. Get her outa here. This is a family show.”

The blatant use of a political advisor, a shill, as an “expert”, on CT or anything else except for politics or the campaign, is bad enough. And in an election year, yet. But to pick one who was 3000 miles away at the time? Only two explanations present themselves: 1) NBC was pandering to the WH; 2) they’re just plain stoopid.

Your choice.

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