Senate Increases Child Care Funds for the Poor

Wha’s sup wid dis?

WASHINGTON, March 30 — Over strenuous objections from the White House, the Senate voted on Tuesday for a significant increase in money to provide child care to welfare recipients and other low-income families.The vote, 78 to 20, expressed broad bipartisan support for a proposal to add $6 billion to child care programs over the next five years, on top of a $1 billion increase that was already included in a sweeping welfare bill. The federal government now earmarks $4.8 billion a year for such child care assistance.

The Bush administration objected to the increase in child care money, saying it was not needed. (emphasis added)

Wanna bet after fighting this tooth-and-nail, Junior will take credit for it this fall?

One response to “Senate Increases Child Care Funds for the Poor

  1. What does Bush expect poor little kids to do if their mom or dad has to work and they’re too young for school?

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