AirAmerica UP

Sen Bob Kerrey, a member of the 9/11 Commission, is Al Franken’s first guest on this, AirAmerica’s first day. I’m not sure how good an idea it was to name a major broadcasting effort after the CIA’s disastrous, not to say inept, Laotian drug-running operation, but wise or not that’s the name and it is officially up and running. I am listening–or trying to listen–on the web right now. It’s on Real Player and I keep losing the connection for several minutes at a crack.Kerrey has said, so far, that the Commission doesn’t understand what took the Bush Admin so long to accept terrorism as a legitimate threat. Franken pointed out that Cheney’s CT Task Force didn’t even meet until after 9/11, and Kerrey agreed. In response to a question from a caller, he also said the finished report will be posted in full on the internet, which is good news.

Quick review based on a total so far of about 10 mins listening? Franken’s dull. This might work on NPR but on commercial radio, it’s a real “if”.

Second guest–Chucky D, a hip-hop DJ and member of Public Enemy, who’s encouraging people to vote.

Randi Rhodes comes up after Franken. Her, I know. I listen to her show whenever I have the chance. She’s lively, she’s opinionated, and she don’t take no shit. She’s a huge success in Florida and other areas of the South, and she knows how the game is played. If anybody’s going to challenge Rush, based on today’s brief excerpt, it’ll be Randi, not Al.

Whoops. They ended the segment with a bit where they’ve got Ann Coulter locked in a closet. Maybe there’s hope for Al, after all. More of that, Al!

Anyway, listen online here. Check it out. It’s just our future they’re talking about, after all.

Updates: 2.17pm–Michael Moore is reading letters from soldiers in Iraq.
2.33pm–Al Gore just called in. Moore is apologizing for voting for Nader.
3.10pm–Randi Rhodes is explaining how conservative stations get advertising for products and services people don’t buy–offshore oil rigs, for instance. She’s debunking the idea that liberal radio isn’t commercial. She should know, she’s been making a ton of money doing it for 10 years, as she pointed out, by selling products people actually buy.
330pm–Greg PALAST! He’s Randi’s buddy, apparently. GREAT! He’s going to be a regular guest. RANDI ROCKS!
335pm–Palast says Garner had a plan given to him by the BA that split up Iraqi industries among American companies. He asked Garner what he was going to do with the plan and Garner laughed and said, “Give it to an Iraqi govt and see what they think of it.” The day he got to Baghdad he called for elections, and that night Rummy called him and told him not to unpack because he wasn’t staying.
352pm–Randi says Bush is going to testify with Cheney. Randi: “What, are they married now? He needs somebody to hold his hand?”

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