What About That Paper-Trail?

Hoo-hah. Remember all that guff from Diebolt and Publican election officials that it was too complicated to provide a paper-trail from EVM’s (electronic voting machines)? That it couldn’t be done? After which they noted that printers could be installed by them for $3000? (When was the last time a basic printer cost that much? 1960?)Well, Black Box Notes has discovered–not that this is a surprise, exactly–that everything they said was–wait for it!–A LIE! That’s right, friends. None of it’s true. Here’s the proof:

AccuPoll designed their DRE voting system from the outset to feature a VVPAT, which allows voters to verify — via an immediately printed receipt — that their vote was accurately recorded at the time it is cast. As a result, AccuPoll’s VVPAT system fully empowers voters to independently ensure that their vote is correct at the time it is cast, allowing for an accurate recount and audit capability should the need arise. (emphasis added)

While I can’t find price info on site (not unusual, I’ve discovered), they claim to be competitive. And the printer’s built right in. Can’t be done, huh? AccuPoll has just met Federal qualification requirements and is open for business.

Take that, Wally!

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