Somebody Was Bound To Say It Sooner Or Later

Yessir, gang, Bush’s disgraceful performance of tasteless jokes at the Correspondents’ Dinner was, in fact, Clinton’s fault. Ace National Review Corner Kid JK Lopez has identified the culprit behind W’s embarrassing display and it was The Usual Suspect.

During the Clinton years, we already had the distinct impression Clinton took the presidency at times with all the seriousness of a spoiled, drunk college kid, and those dinners only encouraged him. Bush has restored dignity to the White House (come on, try to deny that) [OK. Lying about everything you do and starting an unnecessary war do NOT qualify as “dignified.” How was that?–m] and, yes, is leading a global war against terrorism. He has a natural, endearing humor (I do love it, I must say), that comes out near as often as he talks–when appropriate. [Or NOT so appropriate.–m]

So back to the playground we go: “Billy started it! It’s not Georgie’s fault!” I do love The Kids, I must say. They’re so…childish.

BushCo apologists are calling the “joke” of the missing WMD’s “self-deprecating.” I would agree with them if Bush had ever admitted that the whole war rationale was a cock-up and, like Clarke, apologized for it. But he hasn’t. That doesn’t make the joke “self-deprecating”, it makes it arrogant and a raised middle finger aimed right at the families of the WTC and Iraq war dead. “Ha ha, too bad. There weren’t any WMD’s and there ain’t a damn thing you can do about it!” Very funny. Ms Lopez thinks Junior’s humor is “natural” and “appealing”, not to mention “appropriate”. She must have split her sides laughing at Junior’s wizard 9/11 bon mot when told that hundreds of people had died in the Towers when a plane crashed into them: “That’s some bad pilot.” Ay-yukyukyuk.

Li’l Georgie’s sense of “humor” is a mite…twisted, to say the least.

(Thanks to World O’ Crap)

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