Inside bin Laden

Tristero voluntarily takes on the dirty job of exploring Osama bin Laden’s mind and comes up with some startling and provocative thoughts. As scary as they are, they make a good deal of sense.

When someone is behaving exactly the way you want them to behave, do you anger them, or attack them? Of course not. So consider this:1. Vis a vis, the United States, Osama bin Laden had one primary goal: that America stop defiling the sacred soil of Saudi Arabia, home to Islam’s holiest places.

Well guess what? Bush withdrew from Saudi Arabia once Iraq was invaded and occupied. He did exactly what bin Laden wanted him to do.*

2. The most paranoid fantasy that bin Laden broadcast to the Arab world was that the United States would overrun and occupy an oil rich Arab country. Guess what? Bush has done exactly that.

3. Saddam’s explicit goal was to become the new Saladin, driving the Israelis into the sea, becoming the hero of all Arabia. Guess who thwarted that insane ambition permanently? As bin Laden must certainly see it, Bush has done bin Laden’s personal cause a tremendous favor: he eliminated one of The Sheik’s most serious and hated rivals.

Go read the rest.

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