Daily Archives: March 25, 2004

Clarke Bar 3: Discrepancy

There’s a discrepancy in the stories Dick Cheney and Condi Rice are using to discredit Clarke. Cheney says he was “out of the loop” and Rice says he was very involved: “I would not use the word ‘out of the loop,’ ” When asked to explain the discrepancy, Condi replied, “Perhaps Dick felt that he had, you know, less — he didn’t sit with Powell and Rumsfeld and so forth. It’s just not the way we operate. I did sit with Powell and Rumsfeld and Tenet.”

IOW, Condi, the Veep was *ahem* “out of the loop”?

Clarke Bar 2: Kids say the Darndest things

 If you’ve been following Clarke’s testimony and the BA reaction to it, you might want to check out its effect on kids as reported by pandagon.

(Thanks to Eric at The Hedgehog Times who notes, “Satire shouldn’t be so easy.”)