Quotes of the Day: Tom DeLay

Tom DeLayTom DeLay knows who started the first Gulf War. Do you?

“The greenies have led us into the crisis in the Middle East… The rabid environmentalists felt it was more important to jeopardize the lives of our brave American servicemen than risk the death of a single snail darter.”

Washington Post, November 4, 1990

DeLay’s staff lays out his moral position

“This whole thing about not kicking someone when they are down is BS — Not only do you kick him — you kick him until he passes out — then beat him over the head with a baseball bat — then roll him up in an old rug — and throw him off a cliff into the pound[ing] surf below!!!!!”

– DeLay office staff discussing the legal nuances of impeachment via e-mail that got leaked. Washington Post, 5/13/01

Tom DeLay fingers the culprit behind the murders at Columbine: Daycare!

“It couldn’t have been because we place our children in day care centers where they learn their socialization skills among their peers under the law of the jungle, while employees who have no vested interest in the children look on and make sure that no blood is spilled.”

House floor, June 1999

Tom DeLay on honesty

“I am a firm believer in this program [Head Start] and the opportunities it provides for disadvantaged children.”
–Letter to a Constituent 8-20-91.

From April 1986, to November1991, Congressman Tom repeatedly voted against funding for Head Start.

Tom DeLay offers a few words about budget deficits?

“[Democrats] completely ignore the desperate need for deficit reduction which in itself would be a major step forward toward enhancing our Nation’s competitiveness.”

-House floor, September 22, 1992

Tom DeLay offers a modest view of American federalism.

“I am the federal government.”

(Responding to a security guard who told him to extinguish his cigar in accordance with the law of the federal government.)

Washington Post, May 15, 2003

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