A Documentary on "Stupid"

And Junior is a big part of it. No kidding.

Perfect timing: A funny documentary about dumb behavior that features a theory about President Bush. “Stupidity” isn’t just about politics (it covers everything from entertainment to education), but the film is especially relevant in this campaign year when Bush’s decision-making acumen is under intense scrutiny.Bush, “Stupidity” suggests, is not as cranially challenged as his opponents like to think. This movie posits the idea (also posited by many academics) that society prefers people who hide their acumen. In this way, Bush is no different from Adam Sandler, who plays dumb in the movies despite his apparent real-life intelligence, or Marilyn Monroe, who also pretended to be a ditz for the sake of her career. Dumb, “Stupidity” argues, sells in the marketplace — whether it’s movies or presidential politics. (emphasis added)

Georgie Sandler. Don’t you just love it? There’s no way in hell this film is going to show up within 50 miles of me (that’s about how far away Amherst/Northampton is), so I won’t get the chance to see it until it makes it to video. But the rest of you should look for it and let me know. Review says it’s very funny.

(Hey, Seattle, look: another tenuous movie tie-in. That’s two in a row.)

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