Is the NY Times Editorial Board Taking Orders from the RNC?

A couple of days after the RNC took the extraordinarily ominous step of replacing the FCC and the Justice Dept by advising 250 tv stations that advertising critical of Bush was “illegal”, the Editorial Board of the NYT is backing them up.

We are now engaged in the first federal election contest under the new campaign finance law prohibiting open-ended donations from corporations, unions and wealthy individuals in federal elections. Already, political insiders are carving a giant loophole that the Federal Election Commission must swiftly close. Otherwise, the system will be flooded again with the large and politically destructive contributions the new law was meant to stop.At issue are a handful of new committees set up by Democratic operatives and dedicated to turning President Bush out of office.

Once again we have the specter of the “liberal media” going all stiff-jawed and righteous with indignation because the Democrats dare to do something the Pubs have been doing for years and are still doing. No mention of the anti-Kerry ads from groups like the Committee for the American Family, just the pro-Kerry ones. Those are illegal.

That the Times picked this up from a scurrilous RNC dirty trick obviously intended to intimidate tv stations into refusing to air anti-Bush ads is bad enough; that the RNC letter was sent out in an unethical attempt specifically to torpedo’s campaign and the editorial doesn’t even mention that is even worse. But worst of all is this spineless toadying that swallows the RNC’s self-serving position whole and uses it to attack Democratic organization only.

“Liberal media” my ass.

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