Baby Doc Is Back?

Randy Paul at Beautiful Horizons links to a Miami Herald story on Michelle Gillen’s interview with the Babe. Seems he’s already made arrangements to return (with whom, one wonders?) and is looking forward to it. Asked by Gillen if he was planning on running for president, Duvalier replied, “That is not on my agenda.” I bet it isn’t. The Babe was never much interested in democracy, and you don’t “run” for dictator.

So who told him he could come back? Phillipe? Chamblain? Reich? Bush? It certainly wasn’t Alexandre, the titular head of the interim govt. So where did he get the idea he’d be welcome? This is very bad news for Haiti. Baby Doc is the last bastard they need right now. As Randy put it, “Like having an ambulance rushing to the hospital and driving off a cliff on the way there.”

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